The Mindset

A binding is only as adequate as the sum of all it's parts. That's why since day one, Union has been on a constant quest to develop and introduce cutting-edge materials and processes. Pioneering new levels of durability and performance through the years has resulted in exceptional sell through and near zero warranty, year after year. We give snowboarders what they want, and back it up 365 days a year.

Forged Carbon

Lighter and stronger than titanium, Forged Carbon allows us to create 3D binding components that are traditionally limited to plastic injection. Forged Carbon is the future of high-end, performance-based products.


Union was the first to introduce Injected Magnesium to the snowboard market twelve years ago, and remains the only binding producer offering it. This expensive process delivers a material four times the strength of aluminum with only 1/ 2 the weight. Considering how durable Union buckles are, they are worth their weight in gold.


Vaporlite is the evolution of closed cell foam often featured on high-end running shoes. This water resistant, durable material maintains it's superior dampening characteristics in cold temperatures, providing a ride that can't be matched.

Extruded Aluminum

Extruded Aluminum is one hundred percent pure and maintains it's true shape no matter how much wear and tear you inflict upon it. Union was the first company to bring the extrusion process to snowboarding and remains the only brand using it.