Expedition Series

After an incredibly successful launch last season, the Expedition Series is back. Focused on the actual “snowboarding” part of splitboarding, the Expedition has quickly gained traction with riders who value rideability and natural board feel.


Forged Carbon Series

Exclusive to Union - Forged Carbon is the lightest / strongest material known to man, and delivers peak performing heelside response and board control. Nothing else comes close.


Women's Collection

Durability, fit and comfort are just a few of the reasons why our women's collection has been such a success. From weekend warriors to Olympic Champions, an incredible amount of girls choose Union.


Kids' Bindings

Smaller and softer versions of what the pros ride, the Youth Series retain key fundamentals that put Union on the map. They are also the most adjustable kid's bindings on the market.


Union Custom House

UCH customized product is offered in limited numbers, and showcases our appreciation and respect for our like-minded peers and heroes - both inside and outside of the snowboarding industry.