Women's Collection

Flite Lady

Custom Comfort,
Ultimate Convenience

  1. Flite Base
  2. Dupont™ Zytel® ST Base
  3. Flite Lady Highbacks
  4. Quick-Adjust Forward Lean
  5. Injected EVA Bushings
  6. Extruded Anodized Aluminum Heelcups
  7. Direct-Connect Strap System
  8. Injected Aluminum Buckles
  9. All-New Toe Buckle System With Push-Pin
  10. Universal Disks
  11. Grade 8.8 Hardware
  12. Lifetime Warranty Base
Union Flite Lady - BLUE
Union Flite Lady - WHITE

Flite Lady Base
With EVA Bushings

Super lightweight, freestyle-oriented design. Lifetime warranty.

Extruded Aluminum

The strongest and most versatile aluminum heelcup on the market.

Forward Lean

Tool Free Adjuster allows on-the-fly forward lean adjustment.

Dupont™ Zytel® ST

Maintains flexibility and strength in the widest range of temperatures.