January 18, 2016

December 15, 2015

Gigi Rüf and Elias Elhardt join forces in their new film "Follow Your Nose" to turn riding mountains into a high-velocity art form.

Risks and rewards are what fuel the spirit of adventure. It draws us to the mountains, and beyond that, it’s what draws snowboarders out of the snowpark and into the backcountry, in search of untracked powder and fresh lines – the path less travelled. Gigi Rüf and Elias Elhardt share this irresistible urge to explore the unridden. Both decided very early on that the contest path was not for them, and both have instead taken their finely-honed freestyle skills to a realm that rewards a creative eye, a flair for improvisation and a tendency to remain calm and graceful in the navigation of intensely unpredictable terrain. To put it simply, these guys turn riding mountains into a high-velocity art form.

Which brings us to "Follow Your Nose" – the latest creative collaboration between two superlative shredders, the terrain that defines them (and would end the rest of us) and the cinematographic powerhouse that is Pirate Movie Productions.For now, here’s a quick fix, a taste of what’s to come.




December 07, 2015

We teamed up with Spring Break to create the lightest, surfiest, binding to complement thier Spring Break snowboards and any rider looking to harness some chyll vibes on the slopes. These bindings are perfect for slashing the winter wave and letting all the locals out there know you’re ready to ravage their untracked powder and steal their girlfriends. It’s a kooks world out there, so make sure you show those uptight locals who’s boss. Stick that ski pole where the sun don’t shine. Kooks only! No Locals!

Color: Black | Size: M/L - L/XL 

Now available at: Springbreakshop.com and other fine retailers around the globe. 

November 15, 2015

Union Binding Company teams up with iconic Northwest beer label Rainier, for a super limited run of co-branded bindings that will quench your thirst for ripping up nature’s snowy bounty this winter. Based on the Force chassis, the refreshing Rainier binding features Team Highbacks, SonicFused/UltraGrip Straps, and of course – a Lifetime Warranty Base. Grab yourself a Rainier, because the best things in life are “Rated R”!

Color: Jubilee Green | Size: M/L - L/XL 

November 09, 2015

We the people of the Union Binding Company, in order to form binding-to-board harmony, established this stripped down performance, driven machine that will insure tranquility on powder days, and promote your general welfare out on the slopes. Loaded with an arsenal of features, and produced in limited quantities, the superforce is the official binding for the national brotherhood of snowboarding.

Color: America | Size: M/L L/XL

Avilable at these fine retailers: The Snowboard Commission 

November 02, 2015

Danny Kass and Union have team up once again for an ultra limited-edition pro model. Designed to meet the standards of a five-time US Open champ with two Olympic medals, the “Blazed and Confused” binding features a lifetime warranty Stage IV Baseplate, Ultra Grip Toe Straps, Team Highbacks, and bulletproof Duraflex ST Nylon throughout. If you’re ready to party like it’s the last day of high school, grab a pair of these lightweight performance-driven ass kickers, for an all around good time.

Color: Blazed | Size: M/L - L/XL